Top6 INSEAD Knowledge articles on education

I do not know why, but I have discovered @INSEAD Knowledge website only recently. Hardly ever can one find a similarly comprehensive base of articles and research on MBA-like stuff. There is a specific field on this webpage, however, that spoke to me more than others – and these are articles on education.

IMHO, they are helpful to all teaching practitioners, aiming at becoming better educators, especially for international students.

Below, I am recommending my top6 of articles.

“How Higher Education Institutions Should Internationalise” – on the benefits for universities which pull many international students and teachers so that more diversity and more various talents are provided. The more global universities become, the richer their expertise:

„Higher Education Must Still Go Global” – on the fact that global higher education institutions are still very rare – and therefore opening one can make a country develop some comparative advantages. The article tackles also the issue of „global brain circulation” and the responsibility of universities to grant students an appropriate level of global education.

„Imagining a Leaner, Meaner University” – on the way online education challeges and changes traditional universities, and also gives them a chance to get to the next level with their offer for the best educated (up to date) generation.

„The World’s Smartest Countries” – on the Intelligence Capital Index (ICI), a ranking of countries that foster big ideas of tomorrow; an index that takes into account the levels of education (its quantity and quality), cognitive skills (elite vs. average performance), as well as migration that pulls talents.

„Why Wisdom Can’t Be Taught” – on the fact that wisdom requires education, but education does not necessarily make people wise. This means that you can easier educate than transfer wisdom to your students. The article exmines also differences between knowledge, intelligence and wisdom, linking the latter one closely to living well, authentically and in happiness.

„The World’s Most Talent Competitive Countries 2017” – on global talent challenge and what it means across the world regions. There is a broadening gap between the number of jobs that are lost due to technological revolution and the number of jobs that are created thanks to it. The Global Talent Competitiveness Index traces countries that are pros in bridging that gap and that can serve as an example for others. One can also find an interesting analysis of cities that pull the biggest numbers of talent in this report (and these are not necessarily global cities!).

Selected articles prove that modern higher education does not have to be narrowed down to IT/engineering/medicine and exclude humanities. There is hope for international relations and politics teachers and students, as long as they nurture their creative mindset and openness towards diversity and global experiences. Good for us!


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