Podcast #2 Women empowerment


Here it is! After suffering (only a little bit! :)) from a podcasting version of the Second Album Difficulty Syndrome I think I have it – the new episode I want to share with you.

Your reactions to the first episode blew my mind. I received notes saying that it inspired you (not only girls!)  to go for things that mattered to you. That you learned new things and heard about some of my sheroes for the very first time. I learned that you liked my voice and didn’t feel bothered by my Central-Eastern European accent 🙂 actually, you seemed to like a very expressive “r”.

I also got to know that you have high expectations about further episodes.

This is why I started to overanalyse how this podcast should develop. I got stuck for some days. Eventually, concerning the second episode I decided to stay close to the women’s issues but to look at them from another, more analytical angle, more data-focused perspective. Pakistan, Liberia, Rwanda and their sheroes. Have a listen!

Please tell me what you think of this new episode. Is this the way to go? Is it helpful to you? How does such a podcast make you feel?

There is so much more to be said about women empowerment. Hence, I don’t exclude the possibility of airing another episode about this issue. Please let me know, which trend or which element of diplomacy you would like me to tackle.  I am very much looking forward to your feedback and further suggestions!

Enjoy the podcast 🙂


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