Why is it oh-so-quiet here now?

Hi! Just wanted to explain why there are no new blog posts and no new podcast episodes recently. The very reason is that I have just moved to Israel and am pretty overwhelmed with my and my family’s new life here, as well as with the new job I started at Polish Embassy here. I have many ideas in my head for the future posts and episodes but will need some time to be able to focus on them. I hope you’ll be willing to pop in here again in a few weeks. For now, please enjoy the remaining weeks of Summer holidays! πŸ™‚

Also, I have just noticed that my blog has been viewed, read and listened to already in 100 countries and territories. 100!!!!!!! And I just started this whole adventure in January! I’m so proud, happy and grateful about the fact that readers from Argentina, Slovenia, India, Australia and many, many other areas spent some time here. Thank you for being here. Hope you to stay and to gain new readers and listeners in the future!

All yours,



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