Podcast #6 Animal Diplomacy

Hello, hello! Welcome to the 6th episode of the Global Trends and Diplomacy Podcast. My name is Katarzyna Rybka-Iwańska and I say “Hi!” to you from Tel Aviv. I’m proud to serve at the Polish Embassy here and record this podcast in my private capacity and my spare time (which I rarely have).

I have recently observed that there is one particular article that systematically climbs up the ladder of popularity on my website. Quite surprisingly, it is a blog post about … animal diplomacy. Today it’s already the 5th most popular piece on rybkaiwanska.com.

Well, you seem to really like pandas, koalas and platypuses! Therefore, especially for you, I decided to explore the topic of animal diplomacy in more detail and record a podcast about it. In this broadcast, you will hear much more than I wrote in the April blog post.

Give a hug to your cat, dog, spider or any other puppet and have a listen.


Today is my birthday and… the International Podcasts Day! I didn’t know about this coincidence when I started podcasting but now have no other choice. I will celebrate today but for tomorrow on – I will do even more to become a pro at podcasting. We – podcasters – are a niche bunch of people. Still, we love what we do and hopefully you can hear it, also in my broadcasts.

Check out how the whole world of podcasters celebrate the International Podcasts Day 🙂


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I used a hell of a lot of literature while composing this podcast. You may be interested in these links:

Ingvar Svanberg, “A Russian Polar Bear in Stockholm: Notes on Animal Diplomacy”

Naomi Russo, “Koalas are Australia’s Most Effective Diplomats”

“Animal gifts smooth diplomatic relations”

Lee Tunstall, “A Long History of Animal Diplomacy (It’s Not Just Pandas!)

Lydia Lam, “Putin turns down Japan’s dog gift: 5 types of animal diplomacy”

Jose Diaz-Balart staff, “#5Things: Animal Diplomacy”

Alison Gee, “Pushinka: A Cold War puppy the Kennedys loved”

Tal Kopan, “Bush: Putin ‘dissed’ Barney the dog”

“The time Putin brought his dog to a meeting to scare Angela Merkel”







[PL] Łukasz Walewski, “Przywitaj się z królową. Gafy, wpadki, faux pas i inne historie”, Wydawnictwo Sine Qua Non, 2016.

[PL] https://vod.tvp.pl/video/cafe-historia,prezenty-dyplomatyczne,23827904

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