About me

My name is Katarzyna Rybka-Iwańska. Thank you for being here.

I serve at the Polish Embassy in Israel where I head communications and public diplomacy but run this blog and publish here in my private capacity.

I am skilled at strategic planning, global analysis and public diplomacy.

I am also a university teacher aiming at helping students understand the complexity of global trends and the role of public diplomacy in international relations. While in Warsaw, I used to conduct seminars and lectures at the Vistula University.

I used to contribute to the blog series of the University of Southern California’s Center on Public Diplomacy, where I focus primarily on knowledge/expertise/education diplomacy. My blog posts are published here.


This website aims at becoming a place where people may share their opinions, thoughts and doubts regarding global trends and international relations. It includes videos, blog posts, teaching materials, presentations, as well as reading, watching and listening recommendations. I hope this website will become a place where smart ideas on foreign affairs are presented and where my students and many other readers will find some answers to their foreign policy and public diplomacy questions.


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