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I publish articles also outside this service. Here is a list of my publications in scientific magazines, on think-tank websites and other places.

“הפולניות לא בז’יז’ינות – הן וונדר וומן”: הסרטונים המפתיעים של שגרירות פולין

This is the article written by Itamar Eichner (diplomatic correspondent) and published on ynet (the biggest Israeli website). It is devoted to my video series on Polish women that I publish both on this blog and on my YouTube channel “Poland in Hebrew – פולין בעברית”.

“Smart cities and the search for global talent”

by Enric Serradell Lopez (Open University of Catalonia) and myself in “Smart Cities: Issues and Challenges. Mapping Political, Social and Economic Risks and Threats”, edited by Anna Visvizi and Miltiadis Lytras, published by ELSEVIER in June 2019. Everything you always wanted to know when global competition for talents and city diplomacy are concerned. My first ever contribution to such a big title and printing house. It was a big challenge but definitely worth the hustle.


טקס אחד לשני עמים: תלמידים ישראלים ופולנים ערכו טקס זיכרון משותף באושוויץ

[ENG] Two peoples, one ceremony: Israeli, Polish students hold memorial at Auschwitz

Well, these above links do not lead you to my articles but to Hebrew and English versions of the Haaretz article I was interviewed for. Ofer Aderet got interested in the educational project supported by Poland’s Embassy in Israel that gathered youth of the Yroni Daled High School in Tel Aviv and Gymnasium No. 2 in Brzeszcze to commemorate jointly victims of the Holocaust and World War 2. I was privileged to represent the Embassy at this unique ceremony.

[PL] Podcast “Inna Kultura Biznesu” – Dyplomacja i globalizacja: czym są w rzeczywistości?”

To pierwszy podcast, do którego zostałam zaproszona. Bardzo duże wyzwanie, ale też przemiła, merytoryczna rozmowa z Kamilem Zarębskim, autorem tej uznanej audycji, o współczesnej dyplomacji, stosunkach międzynarodowych, o wyzwaniach globalnych stojących przed przedsiębiorcami – a także trochę o Izraelu, nagrana tuż przed moim wyjazdem na placówkę. Mam nadzieję, że dobrze Wam się jej będzie słuchało.

[PL] Global.Lab: Rola Miast w zglobalizowanym świecie – rubryka “Wielogłos”

In a commentary for the Global.Lab, a Polish think-tank, I elaborate on a political and diplomatic role of cities in the globalised world. The other contributors were Robert Biedroń, the mayor of Słupsk (Poland), Angelina Kussy of the Autonomous University of Barcelona, Jan Mencwel of the Miasto Jest Nasze association (Poland) and Alejandra Salas Petit z United Cities and Local Governments.

[EN] UA: Ukraine Analytica Issue 4 (10) 2017: “Nation Brands and the Case Study of Ukraine”

The aim of the article is to present theory and practice of national branding, with Ukraine – not included in typical branding reports – as a case study. The theoretical background to the concept of nation branding is presented in the first section of the article. The second part is focused on key international branding indexes and shows the differences and similarities among them, as well as their flexibility in responding to theory. The third part of the article is focused on the picture that one may draw about Ukraine and its image and brand from various international rankings that serve as a substitute for branding surveys.

[PL] Studia Politologiczne Vol. 42 2016: “Miasta globalne i ich znaczenie w polityce zagranicznej” [“Global cities and their importance for foreign policy], together with Miłosz Pieńkowski

An article published together with my colleague, Miłosz Pieńkowski, focused on the role (both cooperative and competitive towards states) of cities in contemporary foreign relations. We place an emphasis on the theory of global cities, as well as the practice of their actions in the diplomatic sphere.

[EN]: The German Marshall Fund of the United States: “We Need To Dream Big” (Dec 6th, 2016)

This essay is a reflection on my participation in the Marshall Memorial Fellowship in the US in October-November 2016. I focus here on the importance of transatlantic ties and the urgent need to go beyond stereotypes and worn paths. And there is something about procrastination, too.


My teaching materials (presentations) can also be found on LinkedIn SlideShare and directly on my LinkedIn profile, where I also published several articles available already on this website.

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