I publish articles also outside this service. Here is a list of my publications in scientific magazines, on think-tank websites and other places.

UA: Ukraine Analytica Issue 4 (10) 2017: “Nation Brands and the Case Study of Ukraine”

The aim of the article is to present theory and practice of national branding, with Ukraine – not included in typical branding reports – as a case study. Theoretical background to the concept of national branding is presented in the first section of the article. The second part is focused on key international branding indexes and shows the differences and similarities among them, as well as their flexibility in responding to theory. The third part of the article is focused on the picture that one may draw about Ukraine and its image and brand from various international rankings that serve as a substitute for branding surveys.

In Polish: Studia Politologiczne Vol. 42 2016: “Miasta globalne i ich znaczenie w polityce zagranicznej” [“Global cities and their importance for foreign policy], together with Miłosz Pieńkowski

An article published together with my colleague, Miłosz Pieńkowski, focused on the role (both cooperative and competitive towards states) of cities in contemporary foreign relations. We place an emphasis on the theory of global cities, as well as pracitce of their actions in the diplomatic sphere.

The German Marshall Fund of the United States: “We Need To Dream Big” (Dec 6th 2016)

This essay is a reflection on my participation in the Marshall Memorial Fellowship in the US in October-November 2016. I focus there on the importance of transatlantic ties and the urgent need to go beyond stereotypes and worn paths. And there is something about procrastination, too.

My articles on knowledge diplomacy and other kinds of public diplomacy appear monthly also on the website of the Center on Public Diplomacy of the University of Southern California.

My teaching materials (presentations) can also be found on LinkedIn SlideShare and directly on my LinkedIn profile, where I also published several articles available already on this website.