Selected trends shaping today and tomorrow – my presentation

Yesterday I had an opportunity and a pleasure to conduct a scientific seminar at the Vistula University on Warsaw on global trends that shape the world today and will continue to do so tomorrow. Together with distinguished Polish diplomats and professors I discussed megatrends like demographic changes, urbanisation, the shifts in global economy and the future of labour markets. I wish to run a semester-long course on such issues one day. There is so much to discuss, there is so much to learn – and so much to get ready for.

Here is the presentation that helped me inspire the discussion yesterday. I would be very grateful for all the possible feedback on it – and for using it for your own learning and teaching purposes. Just hope this presentation to be helpful to you. Enjoy!

Wybrane trendy kształtujące dziś i jutro świata

Selected trends shaping today and tomorrow of the world



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