Podcast #1 Women Who Inspire – Nerds


Here it is. The premiere of my podcast!

I am so happy to start this new project, to learn so many new things and to start sharing my ideas in this new way. Please let me know what you think of all this new endeavour. Is it enriching, useful and/or enjoyable to listen to it? What do you think about the format? Would you like to advise me something on the future podcast episodes? What should I focus on so that you get as much from this podcast as possible?


I believe that it is worth shooting bullets before cannonballs.

I want this episode to be a pleasant warm-up that will make you and me feel comfortable with this new endeavour. Today, I want to tackle a topic that is very close to my heart but will not be very much analytical.

In accordance to the global trend of women empowerment, I want to present here several badass women, true role-models for everyone who wants to pursue their own way but are not sure if they can.

In my blog miniseries “Women Who Inspire” I have already presented 26 females who rock and there are many, many more to be listed in the future. Today, I will focus on those who are best described as nerds.

Enjoy! 🙂

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